Dimples And Fatty Cysts That Affect The Eye

What are boils and fatty bags that affect the eye?

Although most boils and fatty cysts are harmless and disappear on their own within about a week, they cause discomfort and pain to the infected person. Fortunately, there are some home remedies that can help get rid of these boils or fatty cysts a little faster or at least work to relieve some discomfort and swelling associated with these boils and fatty cysts.

There is a big difference between boils and fatty cysts, and when people over the age of forty develop fatty cysts, these cysts are evidence of diabetes, so doctors recommend tests and tests to make sure that the disease is not infected.

The most common eye diseases are eye infections. Many people suffer from it, especially with climate change.

It is chronic for humans, but appears and disappears more than once, even without care. The swelling may be painful or annoying, but it is rarely dangerous, as most of them disappear without treatment.

Dimple is a bacterial infection that causes eyelid swelling and redness, usually on the edges of the eyelid. The fatty cysts are lumpy in the eyelid and are larger than the size of the dimple and be painless.

What are the causes of boils and fatty bags that affect the eye?

Dimples appear as a result of a bacterial infection that grows in the root of the eyelashes or an eyelid gland injury. If they are clogged and unable to remove the secretions produced by bacteria, the glands can swell and grow a sebaceous cyst.

What are the symptoms of boils and fatty cysts that affect the eye?

Close up of Asian young woman with brown eye with stye infection. Eyelid abscess, hordeolum in medical health, disease and treatment concept.

Symptoms of boils usually occur in the form of eyelid redness. This swelling looks like acne. As the boils develop, the eyelid becomes swollen and painful.

This can cause the eye to produce tears continuously. Most boils swell for three days until they open and release some fluids and then disappear after a week.

Fatty cysts occur under the skin of the eyelid in the form of a solid mass or abscess. Fatty cysts, unlike burns, do not cause any discomfort. Fatty cysts grow more gradually than dimples, and if they are larger on the eye, fatty cysts will impair the individual’s visual ability.

Inflammation and swelling can spread to other parts of the eye, but fatty cysts usually disappear without treatment within months of their appearance.

How can treat boils and fatty bags that affect the eye?

Home therapy is the most important part in the treatment of boils and fatty cysts effectively. If boils do not improve with home remedies, consult your doctor. You may need antibiotics in the form of ointment or a drop.

If the bacterial infection has spread to other parts of the eye, a person may need antibiotic tablets. In case of large boils or fatty cysts, the doctor may use sterile discharge of fluids and secretions to help heal, and the patient should avoid doing this at home no matter what happens, but there are some things that can be done from home, such as:

  •       It is recommended to prepare hot water compresses for 5-10 minutes, three to six times a day. This will help to heal the area quickly by opening the closed pores and discharging fluids and secretions. It is also recommended to use certain medications such as ointments, compresses and eye preparations.
  •       Do not attempt to open boils, fatty cysts or pressure in any way on the eyelid.
  •       Keep away from medicine or contact lenses until full recovery of eyelid area.

How to avoid the appearance of boils and fatty bags that affect the eye?

Prevention is better than cure. Although boils and fatty abscesses are often benign, they are uncomfortable and may hinder vision or cause pain. So it can be avoided by the following:

  •       It is advisable to avoid rubbing your eyes as this can irritate and contaminate the eye area with bacteria.
  •       It is advisable to wash your hands before touching your eyes.
  •       It is also advisable to try to protect your eyes from contamination by wearing goggles when cleaning the house from powder or when you want to get out in a sandstorm.
  •       Care should be taken against any infections or bacterial eye infections.

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