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Eyes are the mirror of a woman’s beauty and the first thing others think of, so you should pay special attention to the surrounding area because it is more affected by external factors because of the softness and softness of the skin in that area.

Many women only care about their eyes when considering makeup, but the eyes deserve the same care we give to the skin. You won’t want to risk the natural magic of your eyes, standing in front of the mirror, staring at tired, swollen eyes and shiny hair.

There is no doubt that eye creams are effective in preventing eye problems, but it is necessary to prevent the cause rather than the effect before the accident.

“AED prevention is better than a pound of cure” We heard in our youth, and we still teach our young children, and this is not arbitrary. There are many activities that we do every day, and we think that they are natural and have no health effects, but they actually cause great damage, including behaviors that lose the beauty of her eyes to women.

What are the tips to maintain the beauty of the eye?

Cheerful girl with towel on head and revitalising golden under-eye patches

Healthy food is very important to care for the beauty of the eye:

Do you know the vitamins that benefit the health of your eyes?

You need vitamin A to strengthen the tissues of the eye, vitamin E and vitamin C because they provide essential antioxidants for eye health and protect them from diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration, so here are the types of vegetables needed for eye health:

  •       Vegetables such as spinach, mallow, watercress, kale and broccoli.
  •       Fish, such as oysters, sardines and peanuts, contain omega-3 oil.
  •       Protein sources such as eggs and legumes such as beans and lentils.
  •       Fruits and citrus fruits such as orange juices, grapefruit and kiwi.

Wear sunglasses

Wear the perfect sunglasses for you before you leave home.

It is best to wear glasses to protect you from UV rays from the sun and to protect you from macular degeneration and allergies to the eyes.

Some wear contact lenses to protect the eye from sunlight, preferably wearing sunglasses above them, preferring the type of lenses such as the type of polycarbonate in the case of some kind of exercise or need more protection.

Wear glasses while you work

If you work in some jobs that need to wear glasses such as blacksmithing, you are one of the most people who need glasses to protect their eyes from the spark of metallic flame, they are the most people with diseases such as eye allergies, wearing glasses duty to keep their eyes safe.

Protect your eyes from sunlight

Just as you apply sunscreen to your skin to protect against harmful UV rays, using dark glasses, you can protect your eyes from those rays by 100%, proving that it increases the risk of cataract degeneration and macular degeneration.

Remove makeup before bed

Before sleeping, be sure to clean the face, especially the eye area for any makeup residue, taking into account the use of nourishing creams because any trace of cosmetics can reach the eye during sleep and lead to infections of the cornea, and not to remove eye makeup causes premature wrinkles around the eye.

Do not rub your eyes

It is one of the bad habits of women that are done unconsciously. This habit can put the eye at risk so that the cornea becomes thin, and gradually converts into a conical shape, leading to significant eye abnormalities. You won’t want it. So better stop rubbing your eyes immediately!

Give your eyes some rest while working at the computer

This is because vision, prolongation and focus on (whether through a careful reading or on the computer) make us blink half the time we do in normal, allowing them to dry out. It takes a break from the thought center every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.

What foods are suitable for eye health?


Carrots come first in foods that promote a sense of vision. This type of vegetable is rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants that help fight serious eye diseases and corneal diseases.

If you don’t want to eat it in its fresh state, carrots are foods that can be quickly and easily added to many dishes and salads. At the beginning of the solid food process, carrot juice is also recommended for children.

green pepper

Green pepper is an excellent source of vitamin C, a vital ingredient to maintain vision strength. Pepper also contains a high content of antioxidants and other nutrients that protect the skin.

Peppers can be eaten in its fresh form, in sauces or sandwiches, or when adding different dishes.

Poultry meat

Poultry is a healthy alternative to red meat with a high calorie content. Zinc, potassium, calcium and iron are abundant in poultry foods, all of which are essential components of optical energy.

Zinc is a vital component of the retina responsible for the production of enzymes associated with eye health. Iron helps prevent damage to your skin, keeping your eyes safe as you age.

Poultry meat, as it can be grilled or added to salads, is one of the easiest foods to eat in many pictures.

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